Friday, October 2, 2009


Yep, I've done it now - I have jumped in with both feet and it's a big ask for me as I have only just started blogging BUT I think I can, i think I can...
So what's it all about you ask? The simple answer is that you post everyday of October - but really there is a bit more to it and you can read all about it here - but to get you in the mood here's a little snippet of the good stuff from bellsknits :
"Blogtoberfest involves the ... task of blogging daily for the month of October and anyone can sign up. You agree to:
  • really give yourself permission to spend time on daily blog posts
  • sink your teeth into posting stuff you never thought you'd write about
  • come up with ways to keep yourself interested and motivated - after that the interest by other people is just a flow on effect
  • find yourself looking with fresh eyes at the world as each moment of each day may contain an image or a conversation or an idea that can be shaped into a blog post."
It's not too late to let yourself be immersed, ponder and post in the blogosphere.
Until tomorrow...

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  1. Oh! I'm still too scared to sign up - I figured I'd do my bit with the blog button. But as the days waft by, it feels like I'm missing out on Christmas or something. Might have to clear a few deadlines, launch in midway and call it Blogtoberfest Lite!?!?