Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cats & Dogs

I was visiting one of my friends recently, and had taken a few things I have made for my first markets (which are coming up soon) to show her what I have been doing!
Being the cat person she is, I couldn't resist showing her this bag I had made with some fabulous cat fabric I found. My friend's Birman cat, Batu took a liking to it and managed to curl up in the corner with it! A little while later, after we made sure he was purring contently, we cautiously removed it from his clutches unscathed!

Although I have always been a dog person, Batu is slowly changing my mind on cats. After all he does have his own blog!


  1. Hey thanks for featuring me on your blog!

  2. Once a dog person, always a dog person!

    Batu did send me to say hi!

    I have a blog too!

    Mom and I love Etsy!

    It always makes me wish I had a talented mom instead of just a khrazy one!


  3. I came over from Batu's place to say hello. You make very nice bags!

  4. Hi I came over from Batu's too. Hi and pleased to meet you.. I have a blog too.. Hey cats rock.. Hugs GJ xx