Tuesday, February 23, 2010

brown paper packages.....

Don't you love getting surprises, going to check the mailbox and finding a brown paper package tied up with string... 

To satisfy my urge for packages I decided to take part in my first DUST "craft swap". If you haven't taken part in one before, it's where a group of people will list their name and their wares on the DUST forum. Once the list of names is finalised, you are matched with a swap partner and then you have the next month to work out what your swap partner likes, make something and then post it to them!

Alas it has come time to send my "surprise" to my craft swap partner, maddo

Maddo, enjoy your surprise!
Check back here soon and I will post some pics of our craft swap! Maddo, please send me a pic as I was so excited I wrapped it before I took a snapshot!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

our dirty weekend...

Now I have your attention I thought I would share with you what Mr and I got up to on the weekend. Being members of our local 4WD club, you notice the negative press that is targeted on some of the 4WD community. In contrastm, our Club is very pro-active in educating new and old members about responsible behaviour while in the bush and being accountable for their actions while 4WDing.
So it came hand in hand when we signed up for Clean Up Australia Day. Yes, we are a couple of weeks early. The Official Clean Up Australia Day date is 7th March, so you still have time to organise a clean up in your area.
We had 10 cars and headed out to Newnes State Forest, near the old Zig Zag Railway. It is a popular area for 4WD's and motorbikes and is famous for camping weekends and having rubbish left everywhere.
Our clean up was focused around the Old Prison Camp site. We parked the cars, got the gloves on, armed with pick up sticks and off we went. It was amazing how much rubbish we collected in a couple of hours.
Some of the rubbish collected in the area as well as rubbish left in one camp fire area being picked up by club members
Hopefully the people that saw us cleaning up the rubbish will think twice and take their rubbish home with them next time!