Monday, October 5, 2009

DAY 5: Rain, Thunder, Lightning...

Mr and I started the day off with a trip to the hospital in the flatlands, to see Irish and Baby Irish. Baby Irish is still in ICU so we could only see him through the viewing window with all the other tiny ones. He is gorgeous and hopefully he will be home in a couple of days and can have many huggles from us!
The rest of the day was just how a public holiday should be, relaxing and cosy, with Mr and the dogs (our two are on the right - Red & Lizzi; the third in the pack is Chrissy who is having a sleepover at our place while her owners are riding the Simpson Desert!)

With the fire roaring and the dogs soaking up all the warmth they can, an awesome (and not so uncommon) storm passed by. Chrissy, not being a mountain dog didn't like the storm and hid under my sewing table. Every now and then I had a helping hand paw with the sewing machine pedal.

Here is Mr holding the hail that showered upon us this afternoon. I managed to get the happy snap before the snow ball came my way! During the storm we had to go out and put a blanket over the vege garden to make sure the plants weren't damaged during the storm.
I can't wait till the veges are ready to pick. We have been in the house six years now and this is our best effort at a vege garden yet! So far we have managed to keep alive for the past 5 weeks, silverbeet, broccoli, chillis, carrots, rosemary, beetroot, coriander, basil, parsley, tomatoes, shallots and rhubarb!


  1. It's been ages since I've seen hail which is a darn good thing. It's so damaging, isn't it?

  2. great about the veges!! hope you share the crop ;)