Saturday, October 3, 2009

DAY 3: "Ohhh" is for ORANGE

Earlier this year we were heading through Northern NSW & QLD for a well earned break. 
Having recently re-ignited my obsession with yarn and all things "knitty", I made sure we had time to take a detour and spend a few hours in Nundle , 60km southeast of Tamworth in Northern NSW. 
Nundle is famous for many fab things, the Great Nundle Dog Race, Peel River, & Gold - but the main draw card for me was to check out the Nundle Woollen Mill . 
From the observation deck that suspends above the factory floor you can view all stages of the mill processing, from when bales of scoured wool are opened, carded, spun, twisted and wound into balls or reeled into hanks. There is also a factory shop where you can buy all things wool. I tried long and hard to resist but I couldn't go past the fabulous chunky hanks of 20ply wool. I immediately fell in love with this retro orange, and along with a few accompaniments I knew what i was going to create. After a few crochet lessons from some very patient friends (I haven't picked up a crochet hook for over 20 years!),  I have finally finished it! 
So here it is! My crochet "retro" scarf. With my crochet hook, some chains, half chains and double chains, and no real pattern to follow I was on a mission!
If you can't resist the orange urge, you can buy Nundle Wool online.


  1. I know all about that 'can't resist' wool thing - I need no further encouragement! Hey, well done on throwing yourself in to the crochet - no pattern and all!

  2. Very retro! I had a poncho in similar colours in the 70s....