Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Creative Space...

Now I have no excuses to not finish any project - I finally have my own sewing /craft room! One central location for fabric, yarn, sewing machine, overlocker, habby stash, books, patterns (and the list goes on...)

The only issue is that it looks like this...

This is what happens when you move from a house with plenty of cupboards, drawers and tables to hide things in, put things on or pack things away in.  Only arriving less than a week ago in our new home in WA my motivation for unpacking the numerous boxes is quickly fading.

Our new house has little furniture as we tried to limit what furniture we brought over with us. This decision has now has left me with a big dilemma - Do I go shopping to find some lovely pieces of pre-loved furniture that would fit perfectly in my new sewing room and ultimately allow me more time to be creative? 

What is your secret to keeping your creative stash under control in your special area?
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  1. I dont really have any secrets but I posted a similar thing today of my tidy up. Not very inspiring though. I do love those great pigeonholes cupboards Ikea do. They hold so much and I wonder if that would solve your problem? Luck

    P.S. thanks for following me!

  2. a big wardobe to stuff things in! Problem is I can never find what I need!

  3. i think your room looks full of potential!! get some cheap shelving and set up a big table... and before you know it all your bits and pieces will be made into beautiful things!! that's what i think

  4. Jeeez-us! Just set up the machines- the rest will fall into place.