Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2 - Parkes - Silverton (Outback NSW)

Day 2 saw a lot of driving and driving and driving - with a few rest spots in between - when ever we stop Simo always finds someone to talk to and we exchange travel plans and share a cuppa.
Found some gravel roads that were really slippery due to the unusual amount of rain and got a mega chip in the windscreen. Simo also found time to decorate NED so everyone would know where we are going and where we are heading.
DAY 2 - Distance travelled 891km
A few pics...
the chip
Blue Mountains to Bunbury

sunset near little Topar

Simo at our campfire cooking dinner

Roadhouse for sale 150kms out of Wilcannia - Simo thought it might be a good investment - NOT!

Camp NIght 2

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