Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 4 – Kyancutta (Eyre Peninsula) SA – Eucla WA

After a restless night with the dogs keeping us awake due to the surrounding wildlife  we headed into Wudinna for breakfast and a coffee.
We continued along the Eyre Highway with a detour to Streaky Bay where we found a few people collecting Razorfish. After the dogs had a run we continued through to Ceduna where we fuelled up and met Tiza, an 11 month old cattle who just wanted to play all day.

From there we hit the Nullarbor Plains and headed towards the WA border. It is flat, flat, flat.

Along the way we passed a bloke pushing a wheelchair from Perth to Sydney to raise money for children with a disability. Check out Rolling Bones. After a donation and a quick chat we left the bloke to continue his trip and we continued driving.

With a few stops throughout the day, we stretched our legs at the head of the Great Australian Bite (no whales today), cooked up a few snags for lunch which the dogs weren’t complaining about and met a couple from Portland on a 5 month trip around Australia.
We stopped at a few lookouts along the Nullarbor and checked out the unique signs - unfortunately we haven't seen any camels along our travels - just heaps of wedge-tailed eagles and a few roos.

but as the sun set we just wanted to reach the border.

We stopped in for the border control check and the officer on duty came to greet us. After checking we had nothing to declare and a quick chat, the dogs were out and saying hello. She said that there were nearly as many dogs as people in the town of Eucla so a very dog-friendly town indeed. 10 out of 10 for Eucla! She even said to let them off the leash when we check out the old telegraph station tomorrow.
We stayed the night at the Eucla Caravan Park and met quite a few travellers. There were people moving from Geraldton to Coober Pedy, Sunshine Coast – Margaret River and Tweed Heads to Perth (via the coast roads) as well as a couple taking the long way from Geelong to Brisbane via WA.
After a few beers and spaghetti bolognese we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow!

Day 4 – 797km
Total travelled – 2,642km

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