Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3 - Silverton/Broken Hill NSW – Kyancutta SA

After a lovely restful sleep at Penrose Park (Silverton), a refreshing hot shower and a quick check of the vehicle, we headed back into Broken Hill for diesel and the mandatory bakery stop for a pie.
Not long after we crossed the NSW/SA border and fruit fly inspection stations.

We managed to see a lot of this…

Some of these…

Not many of these…

We stopped for lunch at Peterborough – a beautiful old town with old stone buildings, train monuments in the main street and several pubs. The dogs had a run on the local AFL field while we had our sandwiches.

As we passed through the town of Orroroo, Simo saw the sign “GIANT RED GUM”. Of course we had to check it out. It was a great tree with a huge girth of over 10metres estimated to be over 500 years old.

Our next detour was Hancock’s lookout – 7km off the main road and 40km out of Port Augusta and a sight to be marvelled. This was our first sighting of the coast on this trip and a great view of the Spencer Gulf.
Our travels were blessed by the Baptist Parish Chaplin of Collie and his wife who we met at the lookout. Collie is only about 30 minutes from where we are moving to in WA.

I tend to have a slight obsession when on trips to go into Visitor Information Centres (VIC) and collecting (very necessary) brochures and maps of things to do and see on our travels. But as we have been trying to get the distances covered and with an already full vehicle, Simo has been able to avoid these until today. This afternoon I was allowed to venture into Port Augusta VIC and got a map of the Nullarbor.
After having a lovely dinner of marinated lamb chops from a roadhouse on the ouskirts of Port Augusta we drove into the night. I got the graveyard shift to drive and followed a very nice truckie who chatted to us on the UHF for a while.
We ended up putting up camp about 5kms outside of Kyancutta at a travelling rest stop on the side of the Eyre Highway. There was plenty of stars in the sky and animals in the bushes nearby which kept the dogs on alert most of the night. Thank goodness they were tied up on the swags. 

DAY 3 – 695km
Total  travelled so far – 1,845km

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  1. are you worried the dogs will chase something and drag you along for the ride?
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