Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5 Eucla - Salmon Gums WA

After breakfast and a shower (thank goodness for caravan parks) we fueled up at Eucla. It was the dearest fuel of the trip so far at $1.61 per litre for diesel but still fairly reasonable considering where we were and where it had to travel from to get here.
We headed out of the caravan park towards the coast to give the dogs a run in the dunes and check out the old telegraph station while we were there. I would tell you a bit about the place but there was no signage to tell us any more about the ruins. I think that it was this station that finally connected WA with the rest of the country when it came on line. 
The dogs had a grin from ear to ear running around in the dunes with sand everywhere!
Old Telegraph Station at Eucla

At another one of our stops we saw this flash new road train at Cocklebitty Roadhouse - it was so shiny and huge compared to NED. 

Today there was just driving and driving. We were getting a bit crazy couped up in the car for the last 5 days we just wanted to reach the west coast. To top it off we hit the longest straightest road in Australia. After the driving we have done already, this stretch of road really tested our sanity.
NED got a bit warm as well so we had to kill the air con and pull in and let him cool down for a while. The dogs were more than happy to run around and check out all the different plants we were seeing. There was also a couple of friendly coppers that passed by and gave us a wave.
We stopped at Norseman on dark to finally get some veges for dinner and fuel up again. I was planning stirfry. Simo was planning driving well into the dark. 
So we pushed on for another 77km and reached a rest stop just outside Salmon Gums (on the road to Esperance).
Yummy stirfry and a good nights sleep in a million star room.

Day 5 - 793km
Total travelled - 3,435km

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