Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 6 Salmon Gums - Bunbury (new home)

As I said yesterday Simo wanted to push on and get to Bunbury as quick as possible as we were so close (12 hours away). This included a "shortcut 4wd track" through the middle of nowhere but as usual (as simo says,) I got my way and we took a slight (300km) detour to Esperance to see a fantastic sunrise from the old timber jetty and munch down some beautiful pies from the local bakery which will be our last for the trip. We also met a couple of fisherman that had driven that morning from Kalgoorlie to fish which is a 5 hour drive each way (pretty keen huh?)

Sunrise at Esperance

We headed through some interesting towns including Wagin which has the Giant Ram, Lake King and Lake Grace which has produced more first grade AFL players than any other area in WA. Really don't know why they call the towns Lakes as it is a big flat sand bed with bugger all water.
Giant Ram at Wagin

And then there it was...
our first sign to Bunbury - how relieved were we!

We then pressed on seeing all the mines, mining trucks and mining towns. It really does impact the landscape. Although I reckon it would be cool to drive one of those massive dump trucks!

Simo decided to take me along the scenic route to Bunbury which included going over the mountain range at Collie and down the Ferguson Valley. Although these places are beautiful, we reached no more than 400m above sea level - we will have to get used to WA sizing, these were hills compared to the Blue Mountains.

He also showed me Brew 42, a micro brewery. After being in the car since 4.30am this morning and as Simo was driving I was "allowed" to have a few beers (how good that they came in 500ml bottles). Our favourite is the Blue Moon Lager. I was given the remaining beer in the bottle after the "tasting" to finish on the trip and we got a few for the road as well. Jack was there keeping guard of the secret brewing tips!
Jack at Brew 42

The first stop once we were in Bunbury was home. Seeing Simo had "lost" the keys to our house, we had to call past the real estate and get the spare keys! Luckily we arrived during business hours. The next stop was the Indian Ocean - Lighthouse Beach - for the dogs to have a swim. After they were fully drenched and grinning from ear to ear we headed to our home via one of Simo's mates place for a welcome beer!
The dogs first swim in the indian ocean - very happy (and wet)!

Day 6 – 945km (including a drive around Bunbury)
Total travelled for the trip – 4,380km

So we have arrived safe and sound in our new home town (on Friday afternoon - yes i was slack on the last couple of days plus internet access was barely available).
Now for a couple of days rest to recover and unpack the car... 

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