Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cold as ice...

Winter is really settling in now. Mornings are reaching zero and ice is formed think on the car windows each morning! 
So Mr, being the industrious soul, thought we should get the fire in the house going to save on those rising electricity bills. Just one thing, we have no fire wood. Great news Mr says one day after work, 'I've found some FREE firewood' 
But surely there was a catch? 
Of course there was!
I was to be dragged out of bed one Saturday morning with chainsaws blaring and sawdust flying everywhere, so we could get this wonderful FREE firewood! Fantastic, the wood has been chopped in rounds, on the trailer, and eventually in our backyard. Then the hard work begins! To chop up the wood and stack it! (What a gentleman - I only had to stack the wood) After this lovely day out, we gather some kindling to get ready for a toasty night in front of the fire. Too easy right? 
I leave Mr to light the fire only to find there is smoke oozing from the door of the fire, the fire alarms letting out their ear peircing shrieks, and eventually there is a thick layer of smoke forming from the ceiling nearly to the tops of our heads! After several persistent attempts to keep the fire going and finally a further inspection, Mr announces that the flue is blocked! 
So, while we wait for the real estate agent to get things sorted (oh the joys of renting!) and try to rid the house of the smokey aroma we are curled up on the lounge wrapped in good old blankets and doonas!

I also couldn't resist in dragging out the trusty "purple people heater"!

Made me thankful we don't have to go to this much trouble anymore!

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  1. As cold as here? It has been threatening to snow....