Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Creative Space...

I have this fabulous green wool from here and have been trying to find the perfect thing to make with it - it's the last ball left!
So with a new niece arriving the other day, I was determined to find a little knitted animal I could make. Most of the animal patterns I find are crocheted and look a little fiddly and the fact I cannot understand a crochet pattern also doesn't help. I can crochet but it's more like freestyle crochet, hook it here and there. 
After much searching I found a knitted animal that looked possible. The only catch was that it required 4 knitting needles! Not having ventured past 2 needles as yet, I pulled out Mum's old stash of needles and found four matching ones and set to work. After a few false starts I finally got the hang of it. 

hoo am i?

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  1. Looking good so far! I'm hooked on knitting with 4 or more needles and prefer it to just two. ;)

  2. I love knitting in the round!!! wait until you try to do feet on the little animals, you end up with about six or seven needles!!!

    You will quickly fall in love with no seams to sew up!!

    What is it you are making?

    Looks interesting :-)

    PS love your logo!

  3. this is awesome! what a great colour!! i cant wait to see what happens - make sure you put up a link to ravelry :)