Wednesday, July 7, 2010

are you one?

Call it what you will, I am one (ssshh I am a hoarder!). Well maybe that is a bit harsh (maybe not) but I do become attached to certain things that I struggle to part with and they are accumulating as the years tick over. 
I thought I would share with you a few of those things that the dust has been swept away from as I unpack the boxes from the recent move...

Lollipop - my first and only doll growing up - I was a bit of a tomboy and loved playing with dump trucks and lego! My sister had all the barbie dolls - I just never went there. Even though Lollipop would have had a hard life being dragged around on family holidays and sleepovers (and maybe a ride or two in the washing machine) she has hung in there! I remember mum making all her outfits, PJ's, skirts, dresses, and even an evening dress! Ooh and I can't forget that hat - that is her hair under there!

My favourite plaster and stone decorated jar made by 3 year old Me with a little help from Mrs Duschane and Mrs Kerr at Preschool - the plaster is chipping away and stones are falling off every time i pick the jar up but it can still hold stuff and looks very cool - It has lived on my desk since forever!

My (old) collection of knitting and crocheting patterns - from way back when - this stash doesn't include the ones that were published since I was born!
A few highlights from the stack
I just love the cover of this book

and this - fabulous purple outfit but would you swim in it at the beach?

Fragrant crochet bag - it's been living in my undies drawer for at least 20 years. I had forgot about it until I started packing up the house in the Blue Mountains! It no longer has a lovely fragrance and the colours have faded slightly but I made it! It even has a chain stitch string to hang it up with! 

I have only scratched the surface - Is it just me or do other people hold onto the little things from their past ...

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  1. I hold on to waaaaay too much stuff! Moving out of the country for a while forced me to get rid of a lot, but when I came back I started right up again with my pack-rat tendencies. [I blame it on genetics. I have hoarders on both sides of my family. Seriously, I had an uncle whose house was so full of junk that there were only little paths through the rooms.]

    I love your decorated jar; what a great way to use something that will always invoke special memories.

    Thanks for following!