Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm hooked...

I have been trying to finish off a knitted animal for a special little person. (Yes, it is meant to look like an owl of sorts) But I have been having trouble with the eyes as they require reading a crochet pattern. Not happy with compromising with some form of knitting, I needed to learn how to read a crochet pattern, and soon. 
This is the point I realised  how much you depend on your circle of craft friends to help you at times like these. 
So as I haven't met any crafters over here yet, it was off to the local fabric / craft store. I knew they had a sewing group that meets there once a month on a saturday so I headed down  and found a couple of lovely ladies who showed me how it was done as well as a little more about other crochet stitches. After some very bog thank yousI set off home to finish those eyes! And here is the (nearly) finished product (he just needs stitching up!)

I went to bed that night quite contented with the knowledge I had gained and the endless possibilities...
Then on Sunday I knew I had a problem. 
While the boys (we have a few friends staying with us from NSW) were out fishing I dragged out my favourite 20 ply wool from here and managed to hook a beanie, then another, and another and another as well as a few flowers! I love the purple flowers with the orange beanie! These and others will be in my store soon!


I had to go and make dinner so I would stop hooking. Unfortunately the boys didn't hook any fish for dinner.


  1. yay! i love your new projects and it will be keeping my eye out for when they hot etsy!!

  2. hee hee -- i meant "hit" etsy