Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Brilliance

A couple of weeks have past but I am still in (my) happy birthday mode. Here are some of my birthday!

My friend put up with my excitement over sugar cubes and the musical trolley that rolled out to serve High Tea with cucumber sandwiches and delicious sweets. It must be done, if only once! Plus you can check out the insane collection of teapots!
 The Tea Rooms                  The musical trolley 

What we started with...

  The sugar cubes

What we ended up with...

Fab present from my Sister
"Sew Darn Cute"A great book full of inspiration and creative sewing projects. After a quick look I had to pack the book in the box straight away as we are packing up the whole house including all my fabric, books, sewing machines, needles threads - the cupboards are bare! Luckily Cath has already done a book review of Sew Darn Cute for you to check it out! 

Flowers from a wonderful friend! 
On Sunday I spent the day with Nat from Natalie Bailey Photography at Bathurst Bridal Expo. Nat is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Lithgow that I have been working with for a while. The following day I had a special delivery of flowers to say happy belated birthday and to say thanks for helping out at the expo. They are not only beautiful flowers but the fragrance is amazing and is still filling the house! It's not until someone gives you flowers that you remember how wonderful they are to have in the home - The just put a smile on your face! Go on, go out and get yourself some now!

A fabulous handmade card from a lovely friend, which has since been packed away for safe keeping until it is unpacked on the west coast!

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  1. i just purchased 'sew darn cute' the other day... sooo beautiful..