Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Mission has started.... finally!

Well the day (well night-time now) has come for us to head off on our journey to Western Australia. Although 4 days behind schedule we are packed to the roof and more and ready to go oh yeah and the dogs are in the back in their cosy beds. 
We managed to empty the house and tidy the back yard - its finally looking good!
 retaining wall and garden
new retaining wall next to garage
the lovely view from the back door!

Leaving home for the last time, for a while!

 One more stop at Paul, Vicki and Batu's place

Last stop in the Mountains is Mt Victoria Caltex service station for a sausage roll for dinner and a full tank of diesel and we are heading west.

Where will we end up in our swags tonight?


  1. looks good!! Drive safe.
    shaz xx

  2. sel - miss you already mate. Looking forward to all your installments - and you are right - the back yard looks terrific!! Nice work!

    Good luck with driving :)

  3. Glad you popped past - it was so good to see you before you went!!!!