Monday, April 19, 2010

My first granny square without my Gran...

Since I was a little girl, my Gran (and my Mum) taught me about sewing, knitting and crocheting. I have always sewed. I don't know when I learnt to use a sewing machine, I always remember sitting in my Gran's bedroom sewing on her machine in school holidays. They also taught me how to knit and crochet. 
Recently there has been a resurgence of knitting and crocheting at my day job. Friends get together at lunchtime and knit or crochet with their different projects or teach 'the young ones' the skills of the trade! It started off that we made squares for Wrap with Love which were all sewn together to make a blanket that gets shipped throughout Australia and across the world.
Once I got my energy for knitting back and had a few projects under my belt, I turned my focus to crocheting. And here is the result
my first granny square for some time....
It was then added to a collection of squares from people at work and sewed together to make a baby blanket for my friend who was having her first child.
This is it! The baby blanket looks fantastic and is a one of a kind! See my square second row in the middle!
I can't wait to make a whole collection of granny squares and sew them together for a blanket - hmmm another project to add to the list.........

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