Wednesday, January 20, 2010

home grown

Mr and I have been marvelling at the success we are having with our latest vegie patch. We have been in the blue mountains for over 6 years and this is the first year that we have actually been able to eat the fruits of our labour. Spinach, carrots, parsley, coriander, basil, potatoes and tomatoes. Usually the frost gets the plants or the dogs dig through the garden. But this year we put some real effort in to make sure the plants all had a real good chance of survival!
Mr, being one to share our success was down the street talking to somebody telling them how the vegie patch is going. They were an avid gardener too but also knew of a gentleman who has his own vegie patch in his front garden and what he can't eat he puts in a box out the front of his house and with a sign that invites you to  help yourself.
Mr came home with a few surprises, a yellow squash and a green and yellow zucchini (which he couldn't wait to cook up - check out the photo he had chopped the zucchini before I got a happy snap!). He couldn't believe how big they were.

the squash and the chopped zucchini
Now Mr is carrying around one of his basil plants (it's legendary - survives in the blue mountains with frost!) when he goes to work, in case he passes by again and sees the guy to say thank you for his generousity and obviously find out how he got his squash so big!

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  1. Oh, there is absolutely nothing better than your own homegrown vegies! Unfortunately this year our modest tomato crop became diseased, I was really looking forward to those tomatoes too! Glad to see you have had success and all your hard work is paying off!