Friday, January 22, 2010

for the birthday girl....

I don't think it matters how old you are, you always love getting parcels in the mail. Whether it is new fabric, a gift from a loved one or a purchase from etsy or madeit it always puts a smile on your face as you open the parcel. 
With my niece's birthday soon, I wanted something special to pack-up and send off! She is turning 3! I have bought her a few birthday treats but I thought I would also make her something special - just for her, a one of a kind! And here it is!
An apron with a fabulous pocket to put all her treasures in and a matching chef's hat.

As my sister and her family lives quite some distance from us, and I didn't want to ask for measurements, I have made the apron and hat so she can grow into it (velcro and elastic are a wonder) and also have some independence as there are no ties, she can get dressed herself.
Hopefully there will be some happy birthday snaps sent through that I can share and you can see her dressed in her new outfit!

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