Monday, October 25, 2010

how time flies...

I sat down in front of the laptop tonight and noticed it has been 2 months since my last blog post! Jeez sounds like confession...  (but i digress)

I guess when I look back there has been a hell of a lot going on over the last while and with one thing after another i just haven't taken time to sit down and share with you what great and not so great things are happening in my life. 

Then there are others out there in blog-land that have been blogging their hearts out for blogtoberfest 2010! Yes it's on again this year - You can read about the history of Blogtoberfest over here! Hang in there guys, it's the home stretch now and only a few days left.

But I took some time out today. It was my day off from my day-job and took the dogs down to the beach for a run and a swim in the sunshine. It was a bit windy so we took shelter in one corner of the beach. Lizzi was straight in the water while Red ran around the sand looking for a makeshift ball that I could throw for him. 
Next thing I look up and there are about 5 dolphins no more than 20 metres off shore - at first i thought there may have been a sick dolphin in the group, but they seemed more concerned about taking shelter from the choppy water. Lizzi had no idea they were there and for a little while were only about 10 metres away from her. The dolphons were quite happy jumping up and swimming around and hung around for about half an hour. Pretty special sight! (Note to self: take camera when walking the dogs to capture these awesome moments!)

What a lovely day!
Hope you all had a lovely Monday too!

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