Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bad news sucks...

I am still in shock. Last week my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. At only 38 it is not fair that anyone has to go through something so horrible. Soon after I found out about my bestie, I found out my sister's friend also has cancer.  

I am over 4,000km away from her. I feel so helpless being so far away, so angry that something like this is happening to her, so scared for her and what she has to go through over the coming weeks, months, years and so frustrated that we (humankind) have no cure for such a horrible disease like cancer (yet!)
I feel like I am failing her for not being there - so like any rational, crafty person that is 4,000km away, I took solace in the hook and made a little something for her.

It may be tiny but holds a whole lotta love for her from me to help her through the tough times ahead for her and her family!

I am also selling these pink ribbons here and donating all money from sales to the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Today (Monday 25th October) is Pink Ribbon Day and October is Breast Awareness Month. It is a timely reminder to all women.

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