Tuesday, November 30, 2010

time to vent...

When I woke up this morning, packed my bags for my day job and got on my pushie for my commute to work, little was I to know how the day would end for me.
At about 4pm this afternoon there was an email sent round to the whole office building stating that someone had just tried to steal a certain bike from the bike rack which is right outside the staff entry to the building I work in. 
As soon as I read the first few words of the email I knew it was going to be mine.
And of course it was!
As I got out of my seat and raced downstairs a few fellow cyclists were heading down as well to make sure that their bikes weren't damaged or taken.
What I found was this.

My bike chain/lock chopped by bolt cutters and they got a fair way through the heavy duty bike lock that I only bought 2 weeks ago. 
Now I have many names for these two people that have done this and who potentially could now have my bike, but for this purpose I will be a calm and controlled adult and refer to them as Rotten Scoundrels (RS's). 
If these RS's hadn't been disturbed by someone leaving the building while they were in the middle of this hacking they probably would have got away with the crime and I would be bikeless.
What cranks me more than anything is not that I could have had my bike stolen, but that I am going to have to drive to work (public transport is basically non-existent) until I save enough money up for a cheap "commuter" pushie so I won't be so out of pocket if the RS's manage to try and steal my bike and get away with it. I am not going to let these RS's get me back into bad habits - I am determined to get back on the bike and ride to work once again!
It's now in the hands of the police and the CCTV footage around the area which will hopefully help pin those RS's down.


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