Monday, August 9, 2010

sew much fun

On Saturday I went to a monthly sewing group hosted by Glenys at her patchwork/craft/quilt/fabric store Craft Collections. I was one of the newbies in the group for the day. 
There were gorgeous quilts and sewing projects over the walls which found my eyes wandering to all day. Some of the ladies in the group had made these. 
I am yet to make any quilts. I think I know deep down that once I start doing patchwork and making quilts I will be come addicted and won't stop. I guess quilts are like that packet of tim tams in the cupboard. Once you open the packet you can't stop eating them!
the sewing group in action

There were tasty home made treats all day to keep us motivated. My favourites were the scones.

 There was lots of chatter, show and tell, sharing of ideas, skills and knowledge. I was on a mission to get some unfinished projects completed. To my delight this fantastic bag is finished - made from japanese retro style prints. It has been in the 'to do' pile for a while so I am glad to have it move onto the store rack. (Thank you Robyn for modelling the new bag) Pop into my store soon and you can see it there.

I met some welcoming and talented people at the sewing day. Thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome and a special thank you to knowledgeable Nikki who showed me how to lower my feed dogs on my sewing machine. 
Would you believe that I have had my sewing machine for 16 years (and still have the manual) and hadn't managed to find the little lever (or read the manual) until now. (Note to self: read the sewing machine manual to find out what else the machine may be able to do! ) 
I have always wanted to try my hand at some free-hand sewing! How endless are the possibilities...

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  1. hey did you sell that bag already?? it is too cute!