Monday, December 14, 2009

magic pudding

Last Christmas I must have had a bit of spare time on my hands as I decided to make a traditional boiled christmas pudding - the way my Gran used to make it, as our contribution to Christmas day lunch. 
As everyone was expecting a christmas pudding on Christmas day, I had to make sure I had a recipe that worked (My Gran's old pudding recipe has since long disappeared). I found a recipe, bought a bottle (or two) of rum, heaps of dried fruit, new calico and got the fruit soaking for about a week in the rum. After all the rum was dried up by the fruit, I made the pudding mixture, got it wrapped in the calico cloth and had it on the stove boiling for 6 hours. And the test run pudding was created. 
What! Is she crazy? I hear you all say, making a test run pudding! Well it all worked out, the test run was a hit. So I went on to make the "real" pudding for Christmas day. 
Alas, expectations have been set. So the pudding order for Christmas day 2009 was placed again. Of course Mr wanted the test run pudding as well, and as I don't trust his sweet tooth home alone with the Christmas day pudding, I have given in and already made the test run pudding. If only is was a magic pudding, my work in the Kitchen would be done!

My Magic Pudding

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  1. The test run pudding was fab - I was happy to be a taste-tester....